Factuur Huis, all shopping receipts in one place

Factuur Huis, a digital receipt management managing all shopping receipts, just got easier. One of a kind solution which helps to store and manage all the shopping receipts in one single repository.


BoodschappenVergelijker is a unique and user-friendly information platform for groceries. The platform collects fully automated data on grocery products and prices as well as consumers ordering the products. The platform compares prices of the selected products and ranks the supermarkets according to price. BoodschappenVergelijker has a comprehensive repository for retailers products along with product ingredient details. Currently more than 250,000 products are updated daily fully automatically. Consumers will benefit from price comparison and consumers have option to choose which retailers they can select for ordering the products.


Boat4sure is a one stop shop for all boat needs. We are a team of highly passionate and professional web solution experts who understand that all clients deserve nothing but the very best holiday experience, every single time.


Jublymarkt is a only Dutch classifieds website that is available in two languages. A very user friendly website and Jublymarkt is a unique classifieds platform that has very interactive features along with social media giant Facebook integration. This is the first time in classifieds industry that social media component is well integrated.


TYME, a simple and unique application that helps individuals to record and monitor all your and your family medical events. It is the perfect replacement for undependable paper records that hold bits and pieces of your medical events.

Reclame-nu a digital advertising platform that facilitates ocean of exclusive product offers from retailers. An arena of offers can be found on Reclame-nu. is a digital advertising platform where retailers or businesses can advertise their brochures/folders/flyers. Reclame-nu is suitable for all businesses where they can feature their brochures, which could be viewed online by larger number of consumers. website


Latest offers (Deals to grab)

OffersArena is a marketplace where the retailers product offers are listed and available for users to browse. OffersArena’s is very much customer and retailer focused platform which promotes various levels of retailer profiles. Product offers are collected from various retailers within the city.


Being part of a syndicate will improve everyone chances of winning a huge jackpot. Lucky Dip Syndicate (LDS) will allow members to be part of a Euro Millions Syndicate. LDS will ONLY allow friends, family and workmates to play as Syndicate. LDS is NOT available for guests or un-authorised members (general public). LDS only works with referrals as it is always more exciting to play within a known group.

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